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Figuring your starting and ending height


Figuring out the cable height for your zip line is an important step. You want to get it high enough to not hit the ground while zip lining, but low enough to make it as safe as possible for riding. Every zip line will be different depending on the land layout and distance traveled. For example we will set up a 100' zip line between 2 trees on level ground. It is easiest to decide the end height first and then figure out the starting point. In most cases 6' – 8' at the end will land you really close to the ground. In our 100' example we are going to end the zip line at 7' high. Make a mark on the ending anchor at this point to let you know where the cable will be wrapping the anchor.

The ending point of the zip line usually won’t change, because you will always want to end on the ground. The starting point of the zip line will typically determine the speed and safety of the line. The less drop you have in cable height from start to finish the slower it will run. If you are going to use the zip line without a ‘Brake Block Kit’, then we recommend using a slower run or leaving slack in the line to the point that you are traveling uphill at the end of the ride working as a natural brake.

Now to find out the height of the start of the zip line we will add the 7’ ending point plus the 5% - 6% drop (in our example with a 6% drop: 100’ x .06 = 6’ ). This will give us a starting height for our zip line of 13’ off of the ground. Mark the starting anchor at 13’ high. This is where the cable sling will wrap around the starting anchor.

For determining cable height on a sloped grade you can subtract the amount of slope from the starting cable height. For example, If your property slopes 2’ over your 100’ long zip line then you can subtract the 2’ from the 13’ starting height. You would then in this situation start at 11’ high and end at 7’ high. Install the zip line on a slightly sloped grade keeps the riders closer to the ground and

makes the ride a little safer.


Did ya know!? You can Increases self-esteem by Zip Lining! – When you’ve completed your journey down the zip line, you feel a great sense of accomplishment, which boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel like you can do anything! For those who are afraid of heights or of falling, this adventure could [...]

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NEW Spring Stop

NEW Spring StopDon't Get Slammed! This ZLP exclusive Spring Stop will give you that extra cushion you need to stay away from that tree. Made from powder coated steel, and with our heavy duty recycled plastic ends that are secure with clamps for major durability. The Spring Stop is made for the zip lines 100' [...]

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New and Improved ZLP Firefly Trolley

ZLP Firefly Trolley was designed to be one of the hottest zip line trolleys on the market due to its high quality and great price and new vibrant color! Based similarly to our ultra popular Hornet trolley. The main difference is that the Firefly is a fixed trolley, it is meant to be left [...]

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     Be the Envy of your friends and family with our Standout Growler trolley new to the ZLP Trolley Family!     The Growler Trolley is made of powder coated steel and features hardened stainless wheels. Each wheel is    equipped with two ball bearings giving it a faster, smoother, cooler ride. This a fun new trolley [...]

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Galvanized Turnbuckles are a suitable component for us of any zip line installation. Turnbuckles are most commonly used in applications which require a great deal of tension. they can range in mass from about ten grams for thin cable used in a garden fence, to thousands of kilograms for structural elements in buildings and [...]

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THIMBLE~ Galvanized steel thimbles are for added protection when making a cable termination loop. The cable is laid around the thimble and back onto itself where it is secured with a recommended three cable clamps.

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Did Ya know!?

Did ya know why we use Forged Cable Clamps!? Forging can produce a piece that is stronger than an equivalent cast or machined part. As the metal is shaped during the forging process, its internal grain deforms to follow the general shape of the part. As a result, the grain is continuous throughout the part, [...]

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New Black Raptor Kit

This kit is perfect if you have been wanting a zip line but price is a factor. The Black Raptor Zip Line Kit has been redesigned and improved to give you an affordable package with a high quality zip line with easy to install instructions. The Black Raptor Trolley has steel side plates and boasts [...]

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Why is the Hornet Trolley first of it's kind?

Introducing the new and improved Hornet Trolley, now available in Yellow and Pink. Why is the Hornet Trolley the first of its kind?  It features an all in one design combining the trolley and handle bar. What makes it special is the trolley can be removed from the cable without removing the cable from [...]

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